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This ground breaking book will teach new or experienced fundraisers powerful and practical skills in working with prospects

to secure gifts.

The New Language of Fundraising




Empowerment Dialogue is a total approach to fundraising that takes prospective donors through a proven decision cycle in such a way that they feel respected and empowered.

It teaches the actual language for fundraisers to use so they always know, What to say, When to say it and How to say it - the New Language of Fundraising.

Every fundraiser new or experienced, will gain powerful skills in working with prospects to easily secure gifts for their organizations.

You learn theory behind this very successful approach and how to put it to work immediately - creating confidence and tremendous skill in securing major, planned and all types of gifts.

Gerald Bear

The story of Gerald Bear learning to become a fundraiser will illustrate valuable fundraising knowledge and skills.

In Hard-copy and

PDF formats

Empowerment Dialogue is a comprehensive approach to fundraising that provides fundraisers with valuable knowledge and skills to deeply engage donors through a series of specially crafted dialogues that empower them to make the right gifts for themselves and the organization.

The Book Empowerment Dialogue - A New Approach to Fundraising, is a step-by-step guide for both new and experienced fundraisers to understand and acquire the skills to begin practicing  this powerful technique immediately, attaining greater success and personal satisfaction.


Empowerment Dialogue provides free resources to guide all fundraisers on their philanthropic journey.

"Empowering those who Empower others"