Janice Meighan is Vice President of Operations and Training.  Janice has worked in the non-profit and corporate sectors as an a director of operations, end-user business systems analyst, a corporate trainer and has conducted multiple organizational audits. She has created, designed and facilitated dozens of workshops in these sectors.

Janice received her Master’s degree from the University of Toronto. Janice holds certificates in leadership training and bereavement and grief education.  In addition, Janice is the published author of Feisty and Fearless: Glimpses into the Life of Lois M. Wilson, a biography on one of Canada's great Canadian women. Janice is in the process of co-writing a book on the Spirituality of Fundraising. She is one who seeks out dialogue with others in a variety of fields and is a conference speaker on rituals, death and dying. She is an experienced designer, creator and licensed officiant of civil, spiritual and traditional ceremonies.

Janice Meighan


Is a thorough understanding and practical fundraising approach that elevates transactional fundraising to the level of a noble profession.  

Mission Statement

“To shift fundraising to be increasingly more impactful for organizations and more empowering for donors.”


ken Ramsay


Dialogue is at the root of all good fundraising where the desires of the donor intersect with the needs of the organization. Donors' want:

  • To be heard more clearly
  • More relevant information
  • To be more involved in shaping the gift


Ken Ramsay, one of the most experienced planned giving professionals in North America, launched Empowerment Dialogue in 2014. As President and CEO of Legacy Leaders Inc. from 1996 to 2014, Ken built that company to be the pre-eminent planned giving consulting company in North America raising over $2.5 billion in gift expectancies. He was the founding Chair of the Canadian Association of Gift Planners and co-founded with Frank Minton, the course on Planned Giving at the Banff School, now the "Original Canadian Planned Giving Course."

Ken is a frequent speaker, trainer, mentor and coach and has spoken and taught frequently at AFP, NCPG (PPP), AHP, CASE, CCAE and CAGP events throughout North America. He is currently a professor in the esteemed post-graduate fundraising management course at Humber College and is a member of the PGgrowth consulting team. Ken has written the book Empowerment Dialogue – A New Approach to Fundraising and created the popular Gerald Bear Fundraiser comic strip.